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Laboratory and Industrial Ovens

We are your expert partner for standard and customised heat technology  solutions. We offer a range of heating and drying ovens, vacuum ovens, chest ovens, tempering ovens, microbiological incubators, industrial microwaves and muffle furnaces for your test applications.

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Corrosion Testing Teaser

Corrosion Testing

Our salt spray test chambers and climate alternating test equipment allow selective and reproducible accelerated corrosion testing in accordance with the national and international standards including DIN, ISO, ASTM, DEF and MIL-STD.

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Automotive Testing

We offer environmental simulation technology for all things automotive. Standard testing and customised test systems for corrosion and weathering, electrical, electronic and mechanical components and systems of all sizes and design capacities for motors and emission tests.

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Plant Growth and Insect Research

Our range of Fitotron® plant growth and insect research equipment offers unsurpassed accuracy and reliability in the control of temperature, humidity and lighting. We provide small-scale, off-the-shelf chambers through to multiple units and customised, 100% fit solutions for bespoke projects.

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Temperature Teaser

Temperature and Climatic Testing

Characteristics, function and service life of systems and components are influenced by varying thermal and climatic conditions during transportation, storage and use. Tests therefore have to be carried out in order to safeguard and optimise product quality. Our temperature and climatic test chambers set standards with regard to ease of operation, performance and equipment.

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Stability Testing

Stability Testing

We're a leading partner in the development and manufacture of stability test systems for long-term testing of pharmaceutical products. Our extensive range of stability chambers includes all relevant documentation in addition to complete support for qualification and calibration.

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Sports Science

Sports Science Rooms

Our Sports & Science Rooms (SSRs) are designed to simulate some of the more inhospitable conditions found in the world and allow sports and human science departments to assess the performance of athletes in a variety of temperature and humidity controlled environments.

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Weiss Technik UK

In 2013, following a combined presence in excess of 55 years, two respected leaders in environmental testing solutions, Weiss Gallenkamp and Design Environmental, merged to form Weiss Technik UK.

Weiss Technik UK is a subsidiary of the Weiss Group, one of four divisions within the Schunk Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of environmental testing equipment, based in Germany.

The Weiss Group division brings together environmental simulation technology and climate technology expertise. Solutions are used around the world in research, development, manufacturing and quality assurance.

Weiss Technik UK employs a team of over 90 staff across three office locations and a manufacturing plant in the United Kingdom and Germany.

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Advanced Engineering UK 2014

Auto Engineering Show 2014

We're attending

Advanced Engineering UK 2014 from 11 - 12 November 2014 at the NEC, Birmingham, UK.

The ‘Advanced Engineering UK’ group of events is one of the UK’s fastest growing industry meetings and unites multiple interrelated high value engineering communities into a unique integrated technology transfer and supply chain business development environment.

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