Weiss Technik UK

Our History

  • 1880s

    Herr Adolph Gallenkamp founds the company which bears his surname, Gallenkamp.
  • 1900

    Gallenkamp first trades in London, United Kingdom.
    1900 Gallenkamp
  • 1913

    Ludwig Schunk and the technician Karl Ebe, found the carbon brush factory Schunk and Ebe OHG in Germany.
    1913 Ludwig Schunk
  • 1942

    Fisons Ltd. founded.
    FISONS logo
  • 1947

    Following the passing of Ludwig Schunk, the Ludwig Schunk Foundation, acting as a legal entity, takes over the ownership function. Subsidiaries and holdings are founded in Germany and around the world.
  • 1964

    Fisons manufacture their first plant growth chamber.
    1964 Fisons
  • 1972

    Fisons split out their pharmaceutical and scientific equipment divisions and buy out the English arm of Gallenkamp.
  • 1974

    Fi-totron (with the hyphen) plant growth research brand is established by Fisons.
  • 1980s

    Weiss Technik first trades in the United Kingdom.
  • 1980s

    The first Gallenkamp fingerprint development chamber is produced specifically for the requirements of the UK Home Office Fingerprint Research Group.
  • 1985

    Design Environmental is founded in the United Kingdom.
    DE Premises
  • 1989

    The Fitotron brand name loses the hyphen and a new identify is established with a play on the visuals of soil, leaf and sun.
  • 1990

    SANYO Electric, Japan buys out Gallenkamp and trades as SANYO Gallenkamp.
    1990 SANYO Gallenkamp
  • 1998

    Design Environmental becomes part of the Weiss Group.
  • 2004

    Weiss Technik purchase the environmental arm of Sanyo Gallenkamp forming Weiss Gallenkamp. Weiss Gallenkamp also becomes part of the Weiss Group.
  • 2013

    Weiss Gallenkamp and Design Environmental merge to form Weiss Technik UK. We also celebrate 100 years of our parent group Schunk, with a number of events held across the United Kingdom.