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Jordans and Ryvita

Area of Application: Food and Beverage
Product Type: Stability Test Chamber, Water Recirculation System

Jordans and Ryvita, based in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom produce numerous cereals such as Muesli, Country Crisp, Crunchy Oats and porridge, in addition to bars such as Frusli.

Jordans and Ryvita were supplied with a Stablity Test Chamber (PSC 059) for testing breakfast cereal. The PSC 059 is loaded with packets of cereal within their outer packaging (cardboard boxes) and then used to test long-term storage and shelf life under conditions of low temperature and low humidity.

The PSC 059 has been purchased alongside our Water Recirculation System.
Using the water recirculation system, a series of purification cartridges and the UV system constantly purify the drain water from the chamber and deliver an excellent quality water to the humidification system. This recirculation system avoids water loss and requires no drain facility.

The PSC 059, 130 and 199 are all compliant with ICH Guidelines for Stability Testing (Q1A) and Photostability Testing (Q1B).

Key specifications of the PSC 059 include:

  • Chamber volume of 590 litre
  • Standard storage capacity of 2.07m2
  • Climate working range: temperature working range of +10 to +50°C
  • Humidity range from 20% to 90%RH
  • Six standard stainless steel shelves (650mm x 530mm)