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London Underground

Weiss ST 1000 Dust Test Chamber

Area of Application: Railway
Product Type: Dust Test Chamber - ST1000U

Weiss Dust Test Chambers allow reproducible testing of resistibility of electro-technical products against dust, and the determination of IP protection types by housings of electrical devices and equipment of transport vehicles.

The chamber is designed to enclose a test specimen which is then exposed to fan assisted circulating dust partials. The objective is to check the sealing of enclosures for abrasion resistance caused by the circulating dust particles. The use of this chamber is beneficial in the design and development stage of product development as well as interim testing of field failure returned units.

Operation Mode

London Underground trains are governed by control and signal switching relays which are located within the tunnel network. They are constantly exposed to fine airborne metallic dust particles which are circulated by the vortex of passing trains. Reliability is paramount so dust testing is a key part of product development.

Weiss Technik UK installed a Weiss Dust Test Chamber, model ST1000U at the London Underground for the following applications:

  • Underground train signal and control switching relays development
  • Testing the hermetic enclosures for the ingress of very fine dust and ferrous partials

By using the chamber the London Underground was able to reproduce environmentally-hazardous conditions in which to test the electro techncial enclosures, allowing the user to develop longer lasting and improved performance products with enhanced reliability.

Design features of the chamber:

  • ST 1000 standard SAE J575
  • ST 1000U for DIN/VDE 0470 part 1 (EN 60529), IEC 68-2-68, La2 (DIN EN 60068-2-68)
  • Internal dimensions of test chamber - 950mm x 950mm x 1000mm (w x d x h)

Chamber options:

  • Test chamber lighting
  • Low pressure system for specimen
  • Ports, 50mm and 100mm Ø
  • Movable design

The image below shows the switching relay and enclosure relay for IP testing inside the chamber.

London Underground