Napier University and Weiss Technik UK

Napier University

Area of Application: Sports Science
Product Type: Sports Science Room

Weiss Technik UK designed and installed a state-of-the-art Sports Science Room at Napier University in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The room enables researchers to test athletic performance in extreme environmental conditions with varying equipment and clothing.

The chamber consists of a main athletic test room, anteroom (airlock) and a separate observation and control area. It is the largest facility of its kind in Scotland. The room itself can accommodate several athletes simultaneously.

Euan Strathie, Course Leader at the Napier School of Life Sciences comments, “This is a superb facility which will be used by students and researchers to look at the limitations and capabilities of the human body under conditions of extreme environments. The facility will also be available to commercial organisations and sporting bodies. We have already had a lot of interest from various individuals and groups which will provide additional income for the University.”

In operation, the temperature within the chamber can be accurately controlled from -10 to +50. Humidity can be increased to almost saturation point of 98%RH.

Additional equipment can also be installed in the chamber to enable other elements such as ozone, Nitrogen (to simulate altitude) and dust particles created by industrial processes to be dispersed into the air.