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University of Reading

University of Reading

Areas of Application: Plant Growth, Entomology
Product Type: Plant Growth Rooms

The relationship between Weiss Technik UK (formerly Weiss Gallenkamp) and the University of Reading spans in excess of 20 years.

The most recent addition of plant growth equipment to the School of Biosciences at the  University of Reading is three Fitotron® Plant Growth Rooms. The rooms are to be used for various experiments and will be particularly suitable for culturing plants and insects, which form a key element of the university’s research. To perform this level of research, the facilities needed to be state-of-the-art, with high specifications and performance levels and exceptional reliability due to the value of the research that the facilities underpin. The experiments and research performed demand precise control and uniformity of conditions such as temperature and humidity which are core attributes of Fitotron® Plant Growth Rooms.

Professor Paul Hadley, responsible for the Controlled Environment Facilities within the School of BioSciences at the University of Reading commented: “The opportunity to gain investment to obtain three brand new plant growth rooms was a rare one for the University and so the decision with whom to award the contract to was extremely important. It was vital that the right decision was made first time.”

"After fully researching the market, the decision was made to award the contract to Weiss Technik UK for a number of reasons."

“Weiss Technik UK have proved themselves to be at the forefront of innovation in Plant Growth and Controlled Environment Facilities. Their experience is second to none. This gave me the confidence in their ability to successfully complete the project to the standards required. We felt that Weiss Technik UK fully understood our requirements and this was a crucial factor. They have a reputation for the quality of their products and we only wanted the best for our new facility. They were the only company considered who had an in-house design team; this was important in the decision making process as it meant that we could communicate directly with the design team, making the project more streamlined and enabling faster, clearer communication. We needed a company with experience of working on large, high quality projects with other contractors involved, as this can easily complicate proceedings if not handled well. Weiss Technik UK have this experience.”

"The project ran exceptionally well and was one of the smoothest running projects I have been involved with. The project was managed extremely well by Weiss Technik UK, with timely communication and adherence to target dates. The co-operation with other contractors was a key factor in the success of the project.”

"Overall, Weiss Technik UK proved to be the perfect choice for this project and I am extremely excited by the end result.”