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Celebrating 20 Years of Global Pharmaceutical Validation Services

Posted on 2nd February, 2015

Weiss Technik UK has been providing global validation services to the pharmaceutical industry for 20 years.

In 1995, Weiss Technik UK (operating as SANYO Gallenkamp) began offering on-site validation for new purchases of pharmaceutical stability chambers and walk-in rooms. Initially, validation work was handled by just one person, Mike Grummett, who performed documentation preparation and conducted site visits. Over the years, sales and field population has increased, with Mike’s role continually developing in line with market trends. Mike is now Validation Manager, responsible for all Weiss Technik UK’s validation activities.

Mike now works with a large team of highly trained validation engineers who conduct IQ-OQ-PQ validation for Weiss Technik UK on newly supplied pharmaceutical storage and test facilities. In addition, Weiss Technik UK validation engineers conduct numerous annual revalidations, one year after initial IQ-OQ-PQ validation, utilising our Performance Verification (PV) protocol.  

To ensure consistency of service excellence, all our validation engineers undergo internal retraining and recertification every two years. A key benefit of our validation service is that our engineers have fully stocked vehicles and the ability to repair units during the validation visit in the event of an issue. We also conduct validation on many third part units, utilising custom PV and PQ documentation.

In order to provide total data assurance to our customers, we only use 21 CFR pt 11 compliant data logging systems on-site.

We’re proud to have developed close working partnerships with industry-leading pharmaceutical organisations including GSK, AstraZeneca, Norgine, Covance and TEVA.

Mike Grummett comments, “It has been extremely rewarding and challenging to develop our on-site validation activities and grow the business from a small customer base through to a large and diverse clientele requiring a multi-person department. I am looking forward to future market developments and the expansion of our services and department.”

For further information regarding our pharmaceutical validation services, please telephone Mike Grummett on +44 1509 631159 or email: mike.grummett@weiss-uk.com