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LED SGR Plant Growth rooms, Kelvin Building, Glasgow University

Posted on 16th November, 2016

The Fitotron® growth rooms installed in the Kelvin building at the University of Glasgow are used in a diverse range of plant growth research, mainly concentrating in the growth of Arabidopsis Thaliana. 

The Plant Science Group is interested in how plant growth & development is affected by environmental conditions, such as light quality, day length & stress factors such as drought & high temperatures.

The aim of this is to understand how plant cell structure & molecular mechanisms affect yield & quality in agriculture.

The new Fitotron® growth rooms were installed during 2015. They are fitted with Valoya C75 NS12 spectrum dimmable LED modules.

Glasgow Uni 2

Arabidopsis plants in the Fitotron® growth rooms

The Valoya LED lighting was chosen because of the sunlight type spectrum that the NS12 unit emits closely resemble the spectrum of natural daylight.

Another big driver in the choice of LED lighting was to conserve energy. The LED units emit far less heat than that of conventional lighting so therefore consume less electrical power. This has the knock on effect of reducing the cooling requirements which again gives a further energy saving.

We at Weiss Technik UK have a very close working relationship with Valoya & have integrated their lighting systems into several prestigious plant growth research projects.

Glasgow Uni 3

Illuminated lamp tray fitted with Valoya C75 NS12 units

The SGR Flex range of plant growth rooms have been developed to give the researcher accuracy & reliability in the control of temperature, humidity & lighting. Using the latest control technology the rooms offer the user a robust & efficient facility to enable the researcher to conduct his experiments.