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Weiss Group 2015 Innovation Award

Posted on 1st September, 2015

Weiss UK have won the Weiss Group 2015 Innovation contest for the development of a specialised plant lighting system.

This system uses a unique combination of different artificial light sources to produce a light spectrum to accurately match solar radiation in the ultraviolet, visible and near infra-red ranges, which is fully controllable with outstanding light uniformity and accuracy.

The system was designed, assembled and tested by the Fitotron® team at Weiss UK's Loughborough facility, using state of the art optical measuring equipment.

The system will be integrated into a number of Fitotron® growth rooms and will facilitate the study of interactions between plants and insects in varying climates.

The Weiss Innovation Award is highly prized within the Weiss Group and the winner is chosen from entries around the world.

Garry Taylor, Sales & Marketing Manager (Life Sciences) says :

"We are all very proud of our Fitotron® design team's achievements and I think this demonstrates Weiss's commitment to continue developing innovative solutions to meet the needs of plant scientists globally"