Weiss Fuel Conditioning System

Fuel Conditioning Test System

Weiss Fuel Conditioning Test Systems are used to carry out ORVR refuelling in vehicles for compliance with legal regulations and to test vehicle tanks. In addition to the supply tank, the main components include various gasoline nozzles, active and passive vapour recovery and a pre-pay function.

The test system has four functions - circulating and tempering fuel, refuelling (the vehicle), pumping out fuel (from the vehicle) and an emptying system. The Fuel Conditioning Test System enables fuelling with all common fuels, temperature conditioning of the test fuels and fuelling with defined rates and quantities.

Product Features

  • Temperature range from +5°C to +45°C
  • Tank capacity up to 200 litre
  • Volume flow up to 80 litre/minute
  • Explosion-proof switch cabinet
  • Set value of temperature adjustable (externally) via explosion-proof potentiometer - digital display in the switch cabinet
  • Observation window 150mm Ø, in the switch cabinet
  • Air-cooled condenser
  • Mechanical safety devices - valve, flashback arresters
  • Fully encased, all components on mobile base frame
  • Manufactured in Germany

User Benefits

  • Designed specifically for ORVR tests
  • Easily integrated with Weiss SHEDs
  • Testing in accordance with EPA regulations
  • Mobile, fully contained design
  • Safety tested with CE certification

Areas of Application


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  • Additional fuel nozzle and coaxial hose (active/passive)
  • Second stainless steel tank for second type of test fuel (gasoline or diesel)
  • Individual temperature conditioning and refuelling system for each fuel type