Weiss RL-SHED - Front


The Weiss Running Loss (RL) Sealed Housing for Evaporative Determination (SHED) Chamber is used to determine the emission of fuel evaporation during driving.

Additional customisation is available for the RL SHED dependent upon user requirements.

The RL SHED background emission is less than 15mg HC within 4h in accordance with EPA§86.117-96a.

Product Features

  • Temperature range from +15°C to +45°C
  • Chamber capacity to suit application
  • Temperature fluctuation with time of ±1K
  • Volume compensation with Tedlar® bag or moveable ceiling
  • Homogenous conditioning of the test space
  • Driver instructor unit with ceiling mounted monitor
  • Dynamometer interface
  • Manufactured in Germany

User Benefits

  • In accordance with American Environmental Protection Authorities (EPA), CARB , EU and ATEX regulations
  • Trusted by leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers
  • Precision of test results
  • Integrated with any manufacturer of dynamometer
  • Vapour tight, corrosion and impact-resistant SHED chamber interior and exterior
  • High quality and sturdy design ensures reliability and durability
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Certified in accordance to DIN EN SO 9001
  • Safety tested with CE certification

Areas of Application



Weiss RL-SHED - Front


  • SHED automation system including storing of test runs, automatic test run and set point pre-selection.
  • Additional observation window in side wall with exterior illumination
  • Personnel door
  • Purge air fan
  • Separate valve for purge air inlet
  • Vehicle access gate, overhead door type
  • Extension of temperature range to +80°C (no extension of volume compensation)
  • Door sealing with FKM instead of SBR, in order to reduce the background emission down to approx. 7mg HC within 4h according to EPA §86.117-96a.
  • Additional ports
  • Observation windows
  • Refuelling port for ORVR testing
  • Potential-free contact protection measure
  • Calibration of specific temperature valvues