Weiss SC/KWT 4300 Salt Spray Test Room

Salt Spray Test Room

In addition to our Weiss Salt Spray Test Chambers, we also offer Weiss Salt Spray Test Rooms that allow the testing of the corrosion behaviour of large components. Additional sizes and customised designs are available upon request.

The following information details the Weiss SC/KWT 4300 as an example Salt Spray Test Room with a 4300 litre capacity and 200 litre brine reservoir capacity.

Product Features

  • Capacity of 4300 litre
  • Brine reservoir of 200 litre
  • Corrosion-resistant interior surfaces made from GFK, shock and scratch-resistant
  • Aluminium exterior, coated white
  • Homogenous temperature conditioning of test space
  • High floor load of test space
  • Sprayed brine volume can be set and measured from outside
  • Self-supporting hard foam can be assembled on site
  • Manufactured in Germany

User Benefits

  • In accordance with DIN 50014 clause 5 - ambient temperature, DIN 50017 KFW and KTW, DIN 50021 SS and ESS and VDA-Test 621-415
  • Modular design allows for different chamber sizes
  • Service and maintenance-friendly
  • Safety tested with CE certification


Technical Data

Weiss Model

SC/KWT 4300

Temperature range:

Salt spray

Condensed water


5°C to +50°C/±1K (in time)

5°C to +42°C/±1K (in time)

Chamber test space volume

4300 litre

Interior dimensions (w x d x h - centre)

1200mm x 1800mm x 2350mm

Exterior dimensions (w - chamber x d x h)

1440mm x 3140mm x 2800mm

Maximum floor load


Brine storage tank capacity

200 litre


  • Individual nozzles with holder, adjusting and measuring system
  • Exhaust air fan with siphon
  • Separate brine reservoir and mixing vessel in various sizes
  • Additional air conditioning unit
  • Access ramp
  • Precipitation measurement and display
  • Climatic extension DIN 50014

The above options are in relation to the standard example of the SCT/KWT 4300. Further sizes and designs are available upon request. Please contact Weiss Technik UK for further information.