Clime event 4640 l

Environmental Stress Screening Systems

Rapid thermal cycling with the possible added parameter of humidity at upper temperature dwells is a proven method of stress screening products to ciphen out early life failures from design or manufacturing errors.

Weiss and Vötsch Stress Screening Chambers are available in a wide range of test space capacities and with options for average or linear rates of temperature change.

Temperature-only or fully climatic systems are also available.

Product Features

TempEvent Series

  • Choice of temperature range from -42°C or -72°C to +180°C
  • Choice of rates of temperature change - 5°C/min, 10°C/min, 15°C/min, 20°C/min and 25°C/min
  • Choice of test space capacities from 190 to 1540 litre
  • 8" colour touch panel
  • S!MPAC digital measurement and control system
  • Illuminated CONTROLPAD for display of temperature values, lighting, start/stop etc. on front panel of the chamber
  • Auto-adaptive control system
  • Ethernet and USB interfaces
  • Water-cooled refrigeration unit
  • Safety cut-out against high and low temperatures - protection of test specimen as per EN 60159-2 (1993) adjustable, with separate sensor
  • Stainless steel insertion rack
  • Adjustable and vibration absorbing feet
  • Four digital outputs (24V-DC) and four digital inputs (24V-DC)
  • Potential-free contact for specimen disconnection
  • Two stainless steel entry ports, 50 and 125mm Ø
  • Stainless steel, welded vapour tight interior test space
  • Corrosion-resistant, galvanised sheet steel and solvent-free powder coated exterior
  • Calibration of two temperature values (23°C and 80°C)
  • Safety tested with CE certification
  • Manufactured in Germany

ClimeEvent Series

  • Standard climatic range from 10%RH to 98%RH
  • Integrated limit value monitoring system for humidity
  • Psychrometric humidity measurement with automatically wetted, self-cleaning sensor
  • Easily accessible large water tank
  • Automatic water feed without interruption of operation
  • Display of the humidity values at the CONTROLPAD
  • Humidity bath flushing for cleaning of the humidifier water
  • Calibration of two climate values (23°C/50%RH and 95°C/50%RH)

User Benefits

  • Quality test of every unit before delivery
  • Ready for use on site - no assembly required
  • Electrical system approved in accordance with Electrical Systems and Facilities BGV A3 in addition to the relevant VDE regulations
  • All test chambers fulfil the EMCs, low voltage and machinery directive
  • Hermetic refrigeration circuits operate with environmentally-friendly, CFC-free refrigerants
  • Low noise level
  • Safety tested with CE certification

Areas of Application

Technical Data

Please refer to our downloadable product brochures.


TempEvent Series

  • 3.5" colour touch panel (without CONTROLPAD)
  • S!MPATI programming and logging software
  • Door with multi-glazed, heated observation window and test space illumination
  • Additional access, notch and glove ports
  • Chamber mobility up to 480 litre model
  • Remote, air-cooled condensers
  • Additional shelving, including high load and telescopic draw options
  • Temperature measurement on the test specimen
  • Interface RS232C and additional interfaces available upon request
  • Digital I/O, four inputs and four outputs
  • Reinforced test chamber floor for heavier test loads up to 150kg (200kg from 600 litre)
  • Upgradeable for special test regulations (automotive, photovoltaic etc.)
  • Special voltages and frequencies
  • Additional calibration

ClimeEvent Series

  • Independent capacitive humidity sensor (temperature and humidity measurement)
  • Humidity control via capacitive humidity measurement system
  • Pressure-resistant demineralisation cartridge
  • Dewpoint extension in climate working range controlled down to -20°C and uncontrolled down to -30°C

Additional options are also available dependent upon user requirements.