Weiss WTV-WKV Vibration Test Chamber with Options

Vibration Test Chambers

Our Vibration Test Chambers are specifically designed to interface with all electrodynamic vibration generators in the Z axis (vertical) or the X and Y axis (horizontal) with a slip table.

The chambers are multi-purpose, fulfilling user needs of R & D testing and at the same time, being highly suitable for combined environment testing as part of a stress screening or ESS program.

Product Features

  • Choice of temperature ranges:
    -40°C to +180°C
    -70°C to +180°C
  • Choice of capacities - 600, 1150 and 2160 litre
  • Independent temperature measurement and monitoring for specimen protection
  • Colour touch panel
  • S!MCON/32-NET measurement and control system
  • High/low temperature safety cut out in accordance with EN 60519-02 (1993) with separate sensor, thermal safety class 2
  • Ethernet (100/10 Megabit) and USB interfaces
  • Three potential-free switching inputs and outputs
  • 50mm Ø entry port in the left and 125mm Ø in the right side panel
  • Water-cooled condensers
  • Water-cooled refrigeration cycle
  • Safety tested with CE certification
  • Manufactured in Germany

Additional standard features for WK/V and VCV Series

  • Climatic range from +10°C to +95°C
  • Humidity range from 15%RH to 95%RH
  • Low water indicator
  • Capacitive humidity measurement
  • Special temperature condition system in the climate working range high temperature and humidity constancy

User Benefits

  • Precise adjustment of system height to accommodate standard shakers
  • Simple integration of all standard shakers
  • Minimal installation work on site
  • Environmentally-friendly high quality insulation
  • Tightly-sealed and easy to clean surfaces thanks to powder coating
  • Easily cleanable test chambers thanks to special welding and moulded racks
  • Optimal, compact external dimensions
  • Networking of chamber control software and shaker control software possible (TCP/IP Protocol)
  • Easily accessible maintenance elements ensure minimum service times
  • Automatic water replenishment without interrupting operation with large storage tank - WK/V and VCV Series

Technical Data

Please refer to our downloadable product brochures.


  • Mobile version
  • Additional slip table interface
  • Chamber floor with rectangular port for slip table
  • Additional rates of temperature change - 5°, 10° or 15°C/min.
  • Electro-mechanical height adjustment
  • Test chamber floor without vibrator port
  • Test chamber floor with rectangular port for flip table
  • S!MPATI programming and logging software
  • Fresh air purge system
  • Adjustable air speed
  • Additional entry ports - 50mm, 80mm, 125mm Ø
  • Additional potential-free switching inputs and outputs
  • Notch ports
  • Door with observation window
  • Door with observation window and reach-through openings
  • Additional Pt100 sensor/thermal elements
  • Analogue outputs for set point and actual values
  • Air-cooled condenser
  • GN2 pruge
  • LN2 shock cooling
  • Compressed air drying for protection against condensation
  • Sound insulation
  • Special dimensions and capacities
  • Special voltages
  • Turnkey packages

Additional options for WK/V and VCV Series

  • Water demineraliser
  • Dewpoint extension in the climate range

Further options and bespoke accessories are available upon request.