Fitotron® High Specification Growth Room

High Specification Crop Growth Rooms

Fitotron® High Specification Crop Growth Rooms (CGRs) are based on a high performance modular design. The rooms are available with different growing areas from 4.1m2 to 18m2. A high lighting intensity is available up to 1200 µmol m-2s-1. Humidity control is fitted as standard within the range. The user is able to individually control high levels of light intensity, temperature and humidity. Additional options are also available dependent upon user requirements.

Fitotron® CGRs are ideal for growing and developing cereal crops, cotton, legumes, shrubs and horticultural plants which all require higher light intensities.

The rooms are also suitable for larger plants grown from seedling through to maturity.

Product Features

  • Temperature range:
    +5°C to +45°C lights off
    +10°C to +45°C lights on
  • Humidity range:
    40%RH to 90%RH lights off
    40%RH to 85%RH lights on
  • Choice of growth area - from 4.1m2 up to 18m2
  • Lighting intensity - up to 1200 µmol m-2s-1
  • Vertical airflow
  • Barriered, independantly cooled light box
  • Water-cooled refrigeration unit
  • 5.5" colour touch screen
  • Control and monitoring system
  • Observation window fitted in the door
  • 'Day/night' programmable cycle with 'dawn/dusk' effect
  • Independent adjustable temperature limter tmin/tmax
  • Adjustable software temperature limiter min/max
  • Potential-free contact for test specimens
  • Serial interface RS232
  • Manufactured in United Kingdom

User Benefits

  • Modular in design to accomodate different sizes
  • Suitable for a wide variety of plant and crop types
  • High light intensities up to 1200 µmol m-2s-1
  • Low maintenance
  • Low noise level
  • User-friendly eye level programming software
  • Safety tested with CE certification

Areas of Application



Low Temperature Module

  • Extended temperature range from -10°C to +45°C (time limited and lights off)


  • LED lighting
  • CO2 control
  • RS232 interface