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Plant Growth and Insect Research - Special Projects

We're specialists in the provision of customised Fitotron® Chambers and Rooms where performance requirements fall outside the standard range. This is evident in situations where, for example, low temperatures are required to be maintained with full growth lighting intensity or where high lighting intensity is required.

We recognise the importance of energy efficiency in Controlled Environments and as such, can provide a number of solutions to maximise this.

Product Features

We can provide facilities which conform to Category 3 Containment requirements, with features such as:

  • High levels of air filtration
  • Safe filter change system
  • Independent air circulation
  • Comprehensive fail safe systems
  • Interactive multi-level air pressurisation

Please see our Featured Installations section, for further information.

User Benefits

  • Specifications tailored to meet specific user requirements
  • Safety tested with CE certification

Areas of Application


Technical Data

We are equipped with Computer-aided Design (CAD) and manufacturing technology, providing high levels of design and development facilities.

We offer a comprehensive Project Management Service, ensuring smooth and efficient installation.

At initial enquiry stage, Weiss Technik UK offer an on-site service to establish exact customer requirements. This service includes the application, most suitable facility and site suitability to meet the customer's needs.

Early consultancy on product specification and design has proven to be beneficial to customers in terms of avoiding unnecessary cost, maximising total project value for money and enabling easy maintenance with full-life service support.