FDC 018 Benchtop Fingerprint Development Chamber

Fingerprint Development Chamber

Our Fingerprint Development Chamber is designed for the rapid development of fingerprints on a variety of porous surfaces including paper, cardboard and untreated wood. The chamber enables batch development of fingerprints at conditions of elevated temperature and relative humidity as required by the Ninhydrin process, specifically 62%RH at +80°C.

The chamber is available as either benchtop (185 litre) or floorstanding (600 litre). The benchtop unit complies with Home Office Fingermark Visualisation Manual.

Product Features

  • Temperature range from +40°C to +100°C
  • Temperature fluctuation of ±0.3°C
  • Humidity range from 50%RH to 90%RH
  • Humidity fluctuation of ±0.3%RH
  • Choice of capacities - 185 and 600 litre
  • Choice of sample storage areas - 0.65m2 and 2.1m2
  • Choice of three or five shelves (total includes chamber floor)
  • Dry development mode for DFO process
  • Proportionally controlled electric heater & humidifier with rapid recovery capacity
  • Dual set point controllers for temperature and humidity
  • Independent high temperature thermostat for sample protection
  • Capacitance humidity and Pt100 temperature sensor
  • Adjustable timer and alarm
  • Access port, 66mm Ø with 3 off air exchange settings
  • Extractor connection point
  • Insulated door with multi-glaze observation window, strip light and integrated internal wiper
  • Stainless steel chamber interior
  • Painted, textured finish, protected mild steel chamber exterior
  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom
  • Safety tested with CE certification

User Benefits

  • Prints are developed in just three minutes
  • FDC 018 unit complies with the Home Office Fingermark Visualisation Manual
  • Used by most police forces in the UK and numerous police and security forces across the globe
  • Suitable for Ninhydrin and DFO (1.8 Diasafluoren-9-One) tests
  • Large volumes can be processed
  • Greater throughput in faster time
  • Precisely controlled conditions ensure optimum clarity
  • Can develop fingerprints from blood stains on most surfaces
  • Useful for detecting latent prints on cheques, paper money and documents
  • Flexible shelving arrangement to suit user requirements
  • Can accommodate large and small objects in addition to multiple samples, at the same time
  • No need for frequent replacement of humidity wicks
  • Ability to develop fingerprints that are months or even years old
  • Enhanced clarity over traditional methods

Areas of Application

Technical Data

Weiss Model

FDC 018

FDC 060

Temperature range

+40°C to +100°C

+40°C to +100°C

Temperature fluctuation in time



Humidity range

50%RH to 90%RH

50%RH to 90%RH

Humidity fluctuation in time



Chamber volume

185 litre

600 litre

Sample storage area



Shelf loading

3 levels (2 shelves and floor)

5 levels (4 shelves and floor)

Interior dimensions (w x d x h)

650mm x 500mm x 570mm

650mm x 650mm x 1400mm

Exterior dimensions (w x d x h)

1140mm x 630mm x 922mm

1365mm x 910mm x 1960mm

Electrical connection

230V 50Hz 208-220V 60Hz

230V 50Hz 208-220V 60Hz





  • Water recirculation system