Weiss Lithium-ion Test Chamber Vötsch Lithium-ion Test Chamber

Lithium-ion Battery Test Systems

Our Lithium-ion Battery Test Systems can be added to a number of our standard test chambers and rooms.

Further components can also be added for testing lithium-ion batteries to EUCAR hazard levels 0 to 7.

Additional chamber options are also available dependent upon user requirements including oxygen measurement, CO2 cooling system, permanent intertisation using CO2, Nitrogen or Argon and safety lighting.

Product Features

Lithium-ion battery testing is a flexible methodology to add safety features to standard or customised test chambers and rooms. Features will therefore pertain to the product type.

In addition to the standard features, safety measures may be added to comply with the EUCAR rating or hazard level according to the nature of the test or cell type being tested.

Manufactured in Germany.

User Benefits

  • Can be fitted to a number of existing test chambers and rooms
  • Various solutions to meet EUCAR hazard levels 0 to 7
  • Individually adaptable safety equipment dependent upon user requirements
  • CE certified



  • Status display
  • Electrical door lock
  • Reversible pressure release flap
  • Mechanical door lock in addition to the reversible pressure release flap
  • Sealing plug with retaining clamp
  • Permanent intertisation using CO2, Nitrogen or Argon
  • Oxygen measurement
  • Burst disk to limit damage to chamber in the event of a ruptured cell
  • Fire alarm system visual and audible
  • Fire detection via temperature measurement
  • Flushing device for intertisation in case of fire
  • Additional safety temperature limiter even if the test chamber is malfunctioning
  • 3.5", 8" or 12" colour touch panel
  • S!MPATI programming and logging software
  • Safety lighting
  • CO2 cooling system
  • Reinforced chamber walls