AquaRec Water Recirculation System

Water Recirculation System

The Aquarec UV Water Recirculation System provides a continuous supply of purified water to satisfy the requirements of humidification systems in our Stability Test Chambers and Fingerprint Development Chambers and other areas of applications requiring a pure water recirculation system.

The UV Water Recirculation System is particularly useful in providing a purified water supply in locations where on-line water supply and drains are not available at the user location.

A series of purification cartridges in conjunction with the UV system constantly purifies the drain water from the chamber and delivers an excellent quality water to the humidification system. This re-circulation system avoids water loss and thus requires no drain facility.

Product Features

  • Acrylic viewing panel
  • Integrated 25 litre reservoir
  • Ultraviolet lamp system
  • Two purification cartridges

User Benefits

  • Ideal where on-line water supply and drains are not available
  • Disposable cartridges, easy to exchange
  • Disposable filters

Areas of Application