Weiss Temperature and Climatic Test Room

Temperature and Climatic Test Rooms

Weiss Temperature and Climatic Test Rooms have been specifically designed using a flexible and cost-effective sectional panel build technique. This allows our engineers to utilise a series of standard insulated panels to assemble any size room in accordance with user requirements. Dependent upon size, rooms are usually built in our factory for test prior to installation, then taken apart and re-assembled in their final location.

The panels feature tongue and groove joints which are vapour-sealed and then pulled together with cam locks. The rooms are ideal for applications where larger products require testing such as aircraft systems and assemblies, automotive parts, material samples, electronic racks and pallets of components.

Product Features

  • A wide variety of controlled environments can be generated with a range of control instrumentation and plant features including compressor-cooled plant, air or water condensers and LN2 or CO2 gas cooling systems or combinations
  • IR are nearly always individually customised to meet specific user requirements
  • Manufactured in Germany

User Benefits

  • Built in accordance with ISO, DEF and MIL standards
  • High density rigid foam insulation employed in the room panels is more effective than mineral wool and allows the use of lighter gauge inner skins, improving efficiency and reducing power consumption
  • Safety tested with CE certification



  • Programming and logging software
  • Hinged and sliding entry door and air lock
  • Larger cooling and heating plant for increased ramp speeds
  • Plant specified for certain heat loads
  • Remote plant removing the noise and heat dissipated into the local environment
  • Observation window/s
  • Various size cable ports
  • Single or double doors for larger test loads
  • Ceiling slots for crane access
  • Aluminium access ramps for wheeled pallet truck/trolley access
  • Stainless steel, natural galvanised steel or PVC pre-coated steel interior
  • Specialist lighting
  • Internal power sockets
  • Simulated rainfall

Additional options are also available. Please contact Weiss Technik UK for further information.