Remote Air Conditioning Systems

Remote Air Conditioning Systems

Test items often need to be housed in an insulated enclosure with condioned air supplied via a remote temperature or climatic conditioning unit.

Pre-conditioned temperature or temperature and humidity controlled air is supplied via insulated flexible hoses to the insulated enclosure housing the test item then returned back to the conditioning unit to form a closed loop system.

Product Features

  • Choice of bench top or floor standing test chamber from our range of chambers which have been fitted with a Remote Air Conditioning System (RACS) conversion kit
  • Choice of temperature or temperature and humdity

Standard test chambers with RACS conversion kits can be used to provide temperature or temperature/humidity when the demands of test specification are not excessive. Once converted, the chamber becomes dual purpose and can easily be configured for either remote air supply or for use as a standard test chamber.



  • In situations where the test product is large and/or the test requirements are more extreme, a customised Remote Air Conditioning System can be designed and manufactured to suit specific user requirements